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'During the current COVID19 pandemic we are going to a wholesale only model. Please refer to the homepage to see where you can purchase these sweet treats. Thank you sincerely for all of your support and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

DSC 0121 Sprinkling sea salt

DSC 0009 cutting a fresh batch of caramel

dipping into that dark chocolate!

Black and Tan Caramels are a soft buttery caramel dipped in dark chocolate and then sprinkled with grey sea salt.

Pantry Pinwheels are a soft buttery caramel swirled with a silky vanilla nougat.

Chortles are a soft peanut packed caramel topped with a peanut butter nougat. The whole thing is enrobed in dark chocolate.

F.U.D.D. Bars are dark chocolate bars with bits of buttery caramel, dried tart cherries, and organic brown rice cocoa crispies.

Dark side of Dawn caramelsare a blackstrap molasses caramel dipped into dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt.