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2018 brings in cold!

Posted on January 10, 2018 at 5:10 PM
Welcome 2018!  It has started out a bitter cold one...a little colder than 2017 ended with.  Did you receive some chocolate this year for the holidays that looked funny? Do not fear your loved one did not purchase a product that was old, more likely it just got incredibly cold!  A mere 5 minutes in a car in these 0- sub zero temps is all it takes to shock your chocolate.  What happens is the sugar not normally visible in your chocolate absorbs moisture from the cold air, then when that moisture evaporates as your chocolate warms back up the sugar crystals recrystallize larger and are visible as white rough spots on the surface of your chocolate!  Have no fear as this does not affect the flavor or make it "bad" in any way other than appearance.
Keep warm out there!

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